Excuses, excuses.

Photo on 21-06-2014 at 18.42 #2

So I realised the other day that I’ve been AWOL from my own blog for quite some time. I do apologise. Life gets in the way a lot of the time but that’s still no excuse to leave you all hanging. So, what’s new? Well, I am currently on the third draft of the sequel…
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iPad mini – The Writer’s Tool


A long time ago it seems, I had an iPad 3. This was when I first started posting about the iOS version of Scrivener. But through a series of unfortunate events I found myself iPad-less once more. Until now. My laptop is like a brick to lug around—it’s a MacBook from last decade—and so it’s…
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HEARTS – Exclusive New Short Story

"Ex Nihilo" by Frederick Hart

Next Wednesday (the 19th of February), I’m honoured to be featured on Kelsey’s Book Corner with a guest post and giveaway of my debut novel. Breaking with tradition, however, the powers that be (including a very nice and understanding blog host—thank you Kelsey) have allowed me to post it here on my blog today. Apparently it’s…
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Caught in the Web of Promotion…Again


I loved Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man back in 2002, and personally thought that Spider-Man 2 was just as good, if not slightly better. My geeky bones were trembling with excitement when Spider-Man 3 was announced with Venom as the villain. But then it emerged there would be more than one antagonist, and by the time promotional…
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