The Week in Writing: 15th–21st August, 2011

Original Image "Friend Book" by Dr. Photoshop

Original Image "Friend Book" by Dr. Photoshop

It’s Monday, so it must be time to bring you lot another healthy dose of articles and blog-posts all about writing from the past seven days.

There’s always so many good pieces to choose from it’s hard to get it down to 10, but I still think it’s best to do so, to really pick out the cream of the crop. Occasionally I cheat, and this is one of those days.

It’s no secret that I read GalleyCat daily, and they often provide what I use for my “And Finally…” closing (thanks GalleyCat). Last week they provided two bits of news that I thought would go perfectly side-by-side. With all this indie-publishing talk, the legacy publishers have been getting a lot of bad press, unable to do anything right, while the indie publishers can’t put a foot wrong.

Well, check this out.

In the same week, legacy publishers Simon & Schuster decided to go back on a previous decision to stop publishing a particular series based on nothing but fan reaction, while indie publisher Publish America used JK Rowling in its latest ploy to get new writers to part with their cash. From what I’ve read, it seems PA often mislead potential customers and on this occasion told its customers they’d get JK to read their books. What astounds me with this is that they’re actually pushing for legal action, after JK’s spokesperson said that PA were lying. Now I usually side with the underdog, but in this case—from what I know of it—I’m backing JK on this one.

Let’s move on to the top ten, shall we?


Marketing & Promotion

Book Trailers: Problems and Solutions: Over on Chazz Writes (who is soon to become a full-time writer, congratulations Chazz), he explores the new fad of the book trailer, if it’s needed, and some clever ways around the expense of producing one (or many).

Is Free Too High a Price?: Joanna Penn highlights the potential of giving your ebook away for free.

What Every Writer Needs to Know About Cover Design: Even if you’re not self-publishing, this guest post by Roz Morris on BubbleCow is an insightful gem about the mechanics of the book cover.


The Writing Process

How to Check Your Book Proof in 3 Simple Steps: Joel Friedlander is on hand again to give you some good advice on making sure that book of yours is ready for the public domain.

Deadly Sin of Writing #4–Beware the Bog of Back Story: I don’t know about you, but I can certainly relate. My first draft had so much, every other chapter was a flashback. I cringe thinking back to it now.

Surprise Surprise: Anna Elliot opens with a true short story to highlight how your book should have things that your reader won’t see coming—not things that you think your reader won’t see coming.

What’s Wrong With Sex?: A short but brilliant post, as always, by Joe Konrath.


The Reading Process

How Publishers & Readers Can Use BookLamp: Pandora for books. Sounds brilliant!

Reduce Clutter on Amazon: Fed up of spending more time trying to find the product description on Amazon than actually reading it? Use this.


And Finally…

Free Banned Sherlock Holmes: Um, aren’t books supposed to provide inspiration and stimulation and be studies on society in all its vast range? Yet, someone complains about anti-Mormon sentiments in a work of fiction, and it gets pulled from school bookshelves, depriving the very people who need to read books of another piece of thought-provoking literature. That’s why I like this, so the kids can get it for free anyway. Hah! Take that CMPs* (Closed-Minded People).

* Copyright 2011 Mark Evans. Or should that be Trademark? It’s just as well I didn’t pursue that law degree.

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