The Week in Writing: 12th–18th September, 2011

Original Image "Book of a Wizard" by st3to
Original Image "Book of a Wizard" by st3to

Original Image "Book of a Wizard" by st3to

It was all quiet on the markaeology front last week, but not by choice. I’m working on a couple of posts at the minute, both returning (finally) to the subject of writing, but alas I simply couldn’t find the time to post either last week. So stay tuned this week for at least one of the them, the first being my own foray into the well-written subject of POV. As always I aim to bring something new to the table, and I find speaking from personal experience is a good way to achieve that.

I’m also thinking of posting a new batch of my photos from around the world, and as it takes me down memory lane it’s something I always enjoy doing, so I hope to find the time to do that this week, too.

Anyhoo, moving on from self-promotion to your regular Monday programming, and here for you are my hand picks from the last seven days of writing-related posts and articles.


In The News

Novelist Ditches Publisher at Book Launch: I thought this a pertinent article, highlighting how, even after you’ve achieved your dream of traditional publishing via self-publishing, the latter can still be the right choice for you.



Publishing Information Right Here!: Over on Rachelle Gardner’s blog is this helpful post collecting all her publishing wisdom.


Marketing & Promotion

6 Compelling Reasons Why Authors Need to Blog: I think most of us know that an online platform is a must if you want to give yourself a good chance in WordWorld… but why?


The Writing Process

25 Ways to Plot, Plan and Prep Your Story: Always a joy to read Chuck’s posts, and always worth while.

Oh, Now I Made it Worse: When Editing Goes Astray: If you’re anything like me then you’ve at times wondered if things might have been better before you took a red pen to that sentence.

What Are We Looking For In Characters?: It’s the characters that make the story, so they’re pretty important to get right.


Beaming Blogs

Netflix for Books? Riiiiiight.: A very intuitive post with good analysis of Amazon’s fabled move to offer a library service.

How To Make A Living As A Writer: What we all want to know, whether we admit it or not (I’m admitting it!).

Janet Reid’s (Closed) Contest: I know what you’re thinking, what’s the point of posting this when the contest is closed? Because it’s such a good one that it can be used as a fun exercise in writing. Failing that, you can just look at the intriguing and sometimes brilliant entries here (part 1) and here (part 2).


And Finally…

Resuming normal service with the funnies this week is the tale of a hacker, or rather what said hacker managed to get onto the website of Trinity College; Conan the Barbarian’s Brief Tenure at Trinity College.


Stay safe and well, people.