Magical Christmas with “Books are Magic”


Books and Christmas do kind of go together, don’t you think? They are the best gift to give in material form, providing entertainment, knowledge and perspective. And keeping in the spirit of it all, Books are Magic is running a special event this year. Like an ultimate advent calendar, Vidya is showcasing 26 authors over…
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Beth’s Second Coming

New cover for NSFD

It’s here, people. I have great, great pleasure in presenting to you the new cover for NO SHELTER FROM DARKNESS, the first book of the Cruentus Saga. Ain’t it beautiful? The new cover is available now on all editions of the book from all the places you could get it from before. A quick reminder…
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Books, Covers and Judges

Farewell, Grisly Cover

Today is both a happy and sad day for me, or rather for my debut novel, “No Shelter from Darkness”. If ever there was a day to define the word “bittersweet”, this would be it. In June of this year, I was delighted to inform the world that my debut novel was available to buy…
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